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Check Before Renting A Home


7 Things You Should Check Before Renting A Home

Many people go for a rent house in bangalore when they can’t afford to buy a good one or when they relocate to the city newly. Rent house in bangalore is a good option as it gives you a comfortable house without investing much. It prevents the hassles of finding the right paint, hiring plumbers and electricians, buying appliances, and much more. When you are new to the town, a fully furnished rented home will save a lot of money.

Renting seems simple, but it’s not. If you don’t be smart, you might end up investing more than required. The home might also not feel as comfortable as you want. So, you should not take it as easy as the middleman says. When you are renting a home, it looks like a straightforward procedure. You get a property suggestion, you go and see it, and after exploring two-three, you choose one. The middleman handles the rest of the things, and you have a peaceful stay.

But, nothing goes as smoothly as you think. You need to take care of a lot of things before you say yes to a property. From analyzing home conditions to negotiating for rent and managing documentation, there is a lot you might not even know.

Understand The Landlord-tenant Laws

Every area has some specific laws to be followed. You might know them if you are living there for a long time. Know all the rules even when you have been living in a rented home for a long time but at some other location. Don’t rely on the middleman or the property owner to tell you the laws. They might skip some, and you will be the sufferer. Research them yourself, and you will have better information. It’s crucial to read and know them before signing the lease agreement.

Inspect The Property Properly

The property you will be living must be comfortable enough for you and your family. You can’t start repairing or asking the owner to fix small things as soon as you enter a home. And that’s why you need to inspect every little item in the house before you finally sign the papers.

Check windows, doors, and walls so that there is no big hole that could be dangerous. Ask for repairs if any cracks look bad. Check faucets of kitchens and bathrooms, light switches, and other electric appliances so that you can use everything you are offered.

You will be signing a contract, and it’s vital that what you are provided with is worth paying the decided rent. It’s a legal process, so don’t let the deal be unfair to you.

Meet All The Owners of the rent house

No matter what the middleman says, you need to meet the property owners. The middleman wants to earn money through the contract, and he/she will do everything possible to please you to accept the deal.

Sometimes, a property is shared by multiple people, and that’s when the problem arises. You meet one of them, discuss things, and sign a contract. But, soon, the other one feels trouble with you.

Tell the middleman that you want to meet and discuss with everyone who owns some part of the property before signing the contract. That’s the only way you can prevent middleman scam. Don’t trust them when they say that they are the sole caretaker of the property. The owner is the owner!

Ask Necessary Permissions

You love decorating the balcony as a garden, but you can’t do it in someone else’s home until you have the permissions. Ask for necessary permissions before signing the contract. The things that you need to ask permission include keeping a pet, making some significant changes in the home, and doing something that might alter the original property or damage it in some way. Tell everything you want to do before signing the papers. You can kill your interest in gardening or something else, but you can’t leave your pet to lease a particular home. And believe me, not everyone likes it that their tenant keeps a pet.

Do All The Document Things

Documenting is important. First of all, make all the critical conversations on email and text messages. Whatever you decide, ask the owner to send you a text or an email for keeping records.

Also, prepare all the documents correctly. Get them signed from all the owners. Make sure everything that you have decided about the home is mentioned in the legal papers. No matter how well you know the owner, keeping written records prevents a lot of conflicts in the end.

You should not sign the lease with the middleman. It should have the names and signs of actual homeowners. Caretakers will lease you home, and the real owner might create problems in the future.

Discuss Rent Queries

Rent is one of the essential factors you need to consider before renting home. You can’t accept anything and everything. If you are offered a property at a meager price and look fabulous, you need to check it thoroughly for some significant flaws.

Moreover, every high priced property is not worth it. The owner will give you all the best reasons for the price, but you shouldn’t agree with something out of your budget.

If you like a property and find it expensive, don’t let it go. Negotiate the price, and you might get a better deal.