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Troublesome Tenants


Helpful Tips To Deal With Troublesome Tenants

A bothersome tenant can make your life miserable and can also make your job as a landlord highly tricky. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is a common saying that you might have heard of since childhood, same is the case when you are renting you house and we being the property management company know it the best. A little bit of carefulness can save you from facing the hassles of dealing with irksome tenants. So here are a few ways in which you can deal with difficult tenants:

Stay reasonable

It’s not that every tenant is the same, you might have had bad experiences, and thus you may turn sceptical every time a prospect visits your house for rent. But you need to keep your cool and should have the full presence of mind being confident at the same time. Clear all your parameters and be confident enough to speak out all that you expect from your tenants. If they agree to adhere to your parameters, you can proceed further to rent out your house.

Background check

Before you hold a welcome signboard for your tenants to enter in your house, make sure that you have run a thorough inspection of their background. One might have worked really hard and must have definitely spent huge on building a house of their dreams and you might surely not lie to anyone else taking charge of it, right? Thus it is essential for you to check out the background of the tenants whom you are planning to hand over your house keys. If you can find out the contact of their previous landlord, it would be quite helpful for you to know the actual status of the tenant. This act will help you in finalising whether to show a green or a red flag to your tenant.

Written records are a must

Your tenants may seem damn innocent, and you might also find them trustworthy. But do not let your mind get swayed away with their trust quotient, it is mandatory to get everything written in black and white. Once all the rules and agreement parameters are in black and white, you will always be at power. This will also help in avoiding any kind of conflicts that may result out of any disagreement between the owners and the tenants.

Tips for dealing with troublesome tenants

Apart from these checks that you should run before renting out your space, there are other issues as well, which may creep up once you have rented your house.

Read further to know how to deal with tenants who have started giving you a pain in your neck:

Delay in payments

Paying the rent late is one of the most common problems that the landlords face, in such a case it will be wise of you to chalk out some rules for late payments beforehand while making the agreement. It should be clearly mentioned in the agreement that the tenant may have to pay the penalty if they delay the payments. This will save you from the headache of taking follow-ups from your tenants and will also save you from taking the chap of making pleading calls requesting them to pay the rent This clause will force them to adhere to the date, or they will end up investing some extra money.

Property damage

‘Home sweet home’ seems to be adhered to only when the home is yours. Every house owner takes care of their own house and why will they not, after all, they have paid for it. But in the case of a few tenants, they have a mentality that the home they have rented is somebody else’s; thus, they do not feel the pain of spoiling it. They treat it as a place where they have to vacate sooner or later and therefore tend to damage the property in their own ways. So if this is the case with your tenants, then make sure that you pay regular visits to the rented place and maintain a check for the same in a regular fashion. Also, make sure that you mention a clause which will empower you to deduct money as maintenance amount from the deposit if your tenants tend to damage your property in anyways.

Be clear about sub-rentals

Some tenants turn out so smart that they end up sub renting your house to someone else in lieu of saving some money. And, you may not lie this at all. So you need to be specific about the numbers while signing the deal. You should enquire about the tenant’s family members and the number of people who will be occupying your house. Once in a while guest are fine, and nobody will deny the same, but if you find that there are people who regularly crash into your house, then it may be a total mood spoiler. So be specific about the numbers while making the lease so that you do not find strangers visiting your home every now and then.